February 22, 2023

The C-SCALE project enhances the EOSC Portal with pan-European federated data and computing infrastructure services for Copernicus. Its mission is to make Copernicus data, tools, resources and services easier to discover, access and share. C-SCALE use cases are also integrating openEO Platform into their workflows and trainings.

Watch the User Workshop organised by the C-SCALE project, where Jaap Langemeijer from Deltares, supported by his colleague Arjen Haag, explains what openEO offers to Earth Observation researchers.

In this video, Jaap introduces Aquamonitor, an app that utilises openEO to view the land-to-water and water-to-land changes over the last 35 years, globally. Within C-SCALE, the Google Earth Engine-based Aquamonitor algorithm is translated to openEO, providing a European alternative for processing large volumes of EO data. A notebook, including course material, was developed to help anyone get started with global EO data using openEO. The algorithm is broken down in detail for anyone to apply it to their use case.

This Workshop explains to users what they can do with openEO and how to do it through a hands-on experience with the notebook and the openEO platform.