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openEO Platform offers processing capabilities for a wide variety of Earth Observation workflows (e.g. Optical, SAR.) All data is exposed as a data cube to the user so that the complexity of file handling and data loading is abstracted away and users can immediately start with implementing their processing workflows.

All usual data cube operations are available (e.g. aggregations, mapping over pixels, filters, reducers) and can be used with a wide variety of mathematical and EO-related processes to easily run band math, time series analysis, and more. If none of the pre-defined processes fulfill the requirements, it is also possible to run so-called “UDFs”, which execute user-defined code in languages such as Python or R as part of the processing workflows. All workflows can run – depending on the amount of data – in different execution modes. For smaller chunks of data, starting at pixel-level, and testing purposes, synchronous processing is available. For larger amounts of data, up to continental scale, batch job processing is the better choice. All results will be exposed to the user as STAC compliant catalog so that it’s easy to make it available to users. To easily publish and visualize data to users, web services such as a tile map service can be exposed and processed on-demand, just on the area the user is currently interested in. This is topped off with the ability to bring your own data.

Below you can find the supported processes:

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