ESA title

Program for Early Adopters  

Starting in October 2021, the openEO platform will be available to interested users for testing. This will allow users to explore the platform capabilities and at the same time help us by receiving feedback and issues via the forum, to improve the first production-ready release. 

At this point, the platform is already considered ready to support research on smaller areas using multiple sensors. Large-scale (continental) processing is not fully supported at this time. The integration of the platform in an operational context is not yet recommended at this stage. 

Early Adopters Package 

For early adopters openEO platform offers a package with the following benefits: 

  • full access to all features of the platform, 
  • support on the forum, and via an e-mail helpdesk, 
  • a discount on resource costs, to allow early adopters access to sufficient processing capacity, 
  • and ability to apply for and receive an ESA sponsored package (see below) that covers the full monthly cost of the package.

Once the available resources in the package are fully consumed, or the Early Adopter Program ends, users can continue to use the platform by purchasing one of the packages that will be made available at that time. 

ESA sponsored packages 

To attract early adopters, there are a number of ESA-sponsored packages available. To receive the sponsored package, users are asked to provide a short motivation, to allow selecting users in case the number of requests exceeds the number of available packages.

Get started

To get started, please follow the instructions in the step-by-step guide for the enrollment process.